New Water (2015)

This documentary gaze towards L’Albufera rice marshlands at sowing time. We’ll witness the relation between Francesc Moncholí, a young farmer, with an aged and transformed world in the last fifty years. A threatened world by progress over time when a very few farmers, like Francesc, find consciously and voluntarily a life project.

For the birds (2014)

The main interest of scarecrows stays in the paradox that means perform, in a naïf way, the human figure. This is addressed to a surprised audience group: the birds; creating one of the most transversal phenomenons of Art Brut.

Poems to orchard (2014)

As a result of our participatory experience with a group of inhabitants from Godella, here we have this film. Reading Vicent Andrés Estellés poems is the starting point for the participants to share testimonies about them own lives and them environment, emerging words about the past, present and future of them lifestyle.

Awaiting for the water (2012)

In this documentary, some farmers are awaiting the water arrival to them orchards. In the main time, a piece of them daily life is shared with us. That is Lifes in a threatened world that is full of sensitive wealth and knowledge.

Water time (2009)

Water time is an approach to people who still lives near L’Albufera Lake, to them rhythms and ancient rites. Specially focus in the last natives living in this place, a group of teenagers living near El Tremolar neighborhood and the emergence of new immigrant settlers.