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L’Horta handmade memories

Pictures, video tapes, Super-8… Many images we keep at home are as important as the knowledge, experiences and our own memory that we keep inside our heads. Digitalization is a simple resource that helps us to rescue from oblivion our memories from our life in L’Horta.

In this workshops we will homemade digitalize our memories and will seize to discover in common new word, image or sound creations as soon as we regain them.

Workshops are taking place during February and March 2017 at Torrent (February 9th and 16th), Godella (March 2nd and 9th) and Castellar-L’Oliveral (March 23st and 30th). Please register through this application.


Introduction to Rec a Manta 2016 archives

Projeccions 'REC a Manta'REC A MANTA is an open call for Valencian farm domestic archives. A tribute to all farmers, women and men that have shared them memories and life with us will take place during the films introduction. It is a pleasure to count with the presence, as guests, of members from Laboratorio Reversible collective, a group of residents from Poble Sec (Barcelona) interested in cinema and visual arts with the shared aim of taking part in a contemporary cultural practice that empathise them daily dimension.

Date: Thursday, October 20th 2016.
Time: 7pm.
Place: MEME School (Benimaclet) C/ Poeta Ricard Sanmartí, 17. 46020 València.
Free access till seating capacity.

– 19.00 Welcome
– 19.15 Introduction of Laboratorio Reversible (Barcelona)
– 19.30 screening ‘veCINES’
– 19.45 Introduction of REC A MANTA and Artxiviu domestic archive collection
– 20.00 Screening a sample of domestic films.
– 20.30 appetizers

Audiovisual workshop in Carpesa

With the aim of recovering, organizing and disseminating memories, experiences and knowledge from Valencian agro farming main characters; Artxiviu de l’Horta propose, with the support of Carpesa Council, this domestic archives creation workshop to learn how to use basic recording and editing tools.

This workshop will be hosted by Miguel Ángel Baixauli, Daniel Tomàs Marquina and José Juan Martínez. During the workshop low cost techniques will be explored to gain the most from our homemade productions. Interviews to neighbours will be taken to deepen in l’Horta culture.

Workshop will take place Saturday February 20th 2016 from 10am to 8pm at Carpesa’s council headquarters. Price is 10€ including lunch offered by La Cuina Furtiva. Incriptions have to be submitted at: Taller Audiovisual d’Arxius Domèstics.

Rec a Manta: first call for domestic archives

Grab a camera you have at hand, even your cell phone. Meet with an elderly you know well and ask him/her to share with you any memory or detail about life at farms.

Whatever pretext is good to think back: a History fact, an anecdote, an object…

Your homemade files make Artxiviu bigger, this is an alive archive of images and testimonies from Valencian farms. You have time till June 30th 2016







The aim of this activity is the creation of a domestic video archive for the regained of Valencian farms memory as an introspective outlook from its inhabitants.  As a first step the memory regain will be done through short films where the filmmaker interviews an elderly with a familiar or emotional link, trying to find an internal and intimate interaction.


Film subject and length

  • It will be a conversation between the interviewer and the interviewee, both seating ‘a la fresca’ (casual) in a meaningful place for the interviewee.
  • Conversation circles back around one of this three subjects:
    • An Historical moment
    • An anecdote from life at farm.
    • An object related with the interviewee and the Farm.
  • Maximum length 5 minutes.
  • Sound and image standard quality required. Organizers could ask for a better version in case the copy doesn’t reach minimum quality standards.


Publicación y difusión de las obras

Todos los vídeos seleccionados podrán ser difundidos por la organización por los medios que considere oportunos y pasarán a ser enlazados en la categoría de ‘archivos domésticos’ de esta web.


Publishing and broadcast of works

Authorship of the work will be the author, even though all works will be under Creative Commons Licence as we use it at Artxiviu Project (see footnotes).


Authorship of the work will be the author, even though all works will be under Creative Commons Licence as we use it at Artxiviu Project (see footnotes).

  • Videos will be submit in interviewee’s mother tongue
  • Maximum length is 5 minutes.
  • Regarding mobile devices recordings: only will be accepted horizontal position recorded video.

We recommend you to send your videos in h264 (mp4) format through any interexchange files platform ( or only for UPV students) to this address: including the next information in your message:

  • Name and age of interviewee
  • Name of interviewer
  • Email
  • Place
  • Date


Programme & Calendar

La convocatoria estará abierta del 1 de mayo al 30 de junio de 2016. A partir de esa fecha los integrantes del proyecto Artxiviu analizarán el material y comunicarán a los participantes los vídeos que hayan sido aceptados. La segunda quincena de septiembre se celebrará una jornada de presentación pública de los vídeos.



This call will be open for people located at L’Horta County who wanted to interview elder friends, family or neighbours who wanted to share Farm experiences in order to enrich Artxiviu’s traditional knowledge database.

Participating in this call implies the full acceptance of these rules.