As a result of our participatory experience with a group of inhabitants from Godella, here we have this film.  Reading Vicent Andrés Estellés poems is the starting point for the participants to share testimonies about them own lives and them environment, emerging words about the past, present and future of them lifestyle.

This is a documentary between a poetic performance and a sociological discussion group. At Poemes a l’Horta can be found a discussion about what poetry images are bringing to the audience, creating an oral memory film document in a way. Also can be found a real ownership of the cultivated speech by the popular speech, poems words are coming back to the land were they emerged once. This is an ongoing dialog between poetry voices and some people voices that are actually matrix and alive body of its language.

Second episode of the documentary series Esperant l’aigua.

Directed by Miguel Ángel Baixauli.
Produced by Guillermo Palau and Mar Ortega (Fundació Assut / Artxiviu de l’Horta)

2014. Color. 45 min.