The main interest of scarecrows stays in the paradox that means perform, in a naïf way, the human figure. This is addressed to a surprised audience group: the birds; creating one of the most transversal phenomenons of Art Brut over time and space, history, anthropology and even science, and surprisingly not that studied by these disciplines or even aesthetics and arts.

In this work, set up specifically for Inner Nature contest 2014, we have used John Cage’s sound and silence listening experiences as a base. The title is a reference of Daniel Charles interviews book title Pour les oiseaux. So all that is related with the actual moment of contemplation that means the weaving movements under the wind: cloths, tapes, CD, etc.

Listening and contemplation moments have been set a part in order to empathize its specify split paradox; those CD created ones to be listened, now are just simple visual objects (and again, silently) are scaring birds moving its sings away. The irony of those discs is even bigger if we remember that in that book, and even in his life and works, Cage talks about sounds like “bubbles in the silence surface”. Circles, strongly presents at Zen philosophy for the music performance.

Written, edited and directed by José Juan Martínez