Pilot episode of Esperant l’aigua series. A documentary project by Miguel Ángel Baixauli and Fundació Assut that is focus on L’Horta de València territory, landscape and culture. Broadly focus in all irrigation systems and marshlands around valencian costal plain lands, including L’Albufera and Júcar riverbank.

In this documentary, some farmers are awaiting the water arrival to them orchards. In the main time, a piece of them daily life is shared with us. That is Lifes in a threatened world that is full of sensitive wealth and knowledge.

Directed by Miguel Ángel Baixauli.
Produced by Ignasi Mangue (Fundació Assut / Artxiviu de l’Horta).

  1. Documentary. Color. 20 minutes.

Subtitles available in Spanish and English (press CC to activate them).